Season 5 of "Shit That Goes On In Our Heads" has been a whirlwind of transformative stories, significant milestones, and deep, vulnerable conversations. As we wrap up this season, we're taking a moment to reflect on each of our guests, the insights they've shared, and the lessons we've learned. From celebrating our one-year anniversary to surpassing 300,000 downloads, launching our newsletter, and engaging with an array of amazing guests, here’s a deeper dive into each episode and the impact they’ve made.

### Our Guests and Their Impactful Stories

**KK - Sobriety and Self-Discovery:** KK opened up about her path to sobriety, emphasizing how stepping away from alcohol brought clarity and empowerment into her life.

     **Key Takeaway:** Sobriety can redefine fun and enhance personal clarity.

     **Action Item:** Reflect on any habits that may be clouding your judgment or personal growth, and consider the benefits of moderation or abstinence.

**Marci - A Journey of Resilience:** Marci shared her emotional journey towards sobriety and how it redefined her identity.

     **Key Takeaway:** True change often requires redefining one's self-image and relationships.

     **Action Item:** Identify aspects of your life that may benefit from a new perspective or a bold change.

**G-Rex - Personal Growth Through Podcasting:** As one of your hosts, I reflected on the year’s growth, both personally and professionally, through engaging in these conversations.

     **Key Takeaway:** Sharing your story can be therapeutic and transformative.

     **Action Item:** Consider starting a journal or a blog to document your growth journey.

**Andrew - Philosophies on Life's Purpose:** Andrew discussed his life philosophies, particularly around what drives our actions and fears.

     **Key Takeaway:** Understanding your motivations can lead to profound insights and personal breakthroughs.

     **Action Item:** Write down what you are running from and to; assess if these are aligned with your goals.

**Mari - Exploring Therapeutic Options:** Mari highlighted her two-decade battle with depression and how she finally found the right therapeutic approach.

     **Key Takeaway:** Persistence in finding what works for you is crucial.

     **Action Item:** If a treatment doesn't work, seek alternatives. It’s okay to "shop around" for therapists or methods that suit you better.

**Emma G - Healing Through Music:** Emma discussed how she uses music to help others express their emotions and tell their stories.

     **Key Takeaway:** Creative expression can be a powerful tool for healing.

     **Action Item:** Explore creative outlets that allow you to express and process your emotions.

**Nicoa - Career Change for Health:** Nicoa's story of leaving a stressful corporate job highlighted the impact of work on health.

     **Key Takeaway:** Sometimes, taking a step back professionally is a step forward personally.

     **Action Item:** Evaluate your work-life balance and make adjustments to prioritize health and well-being.

**Heather - Turning Passion into Purpose:** Heather turned her passion for skincare into a business, focusing on products that promote self-care.

     **Key Takeaway:** Pursuing your passions can lead to fulfilling and impactful work.

     **Action Item:** Start a side project or hobby that aligns with your passions and see where it leads.

**Ruth - Advocacy and Resilience:** Ruth shared her intense personal struggles and how she advocated for herself in the face of medical adversity.

     **Key Takeaway:** Advocating for oneself is crucial in life, especially regarding health.

     **Action Item:** Learn to speak up about your needs, especially in healthcare settings.

### Looking Forward

With Season 6 on the horizon, we are eager to continue these meaningful discussions and invite more incredible guests to share their stories. Our journey together has just begun, and each episode aims to empower, enlighten, and entertain.

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Here's to growing, learning, and thriving together in the seasons to come!