Ruth Poniarski

Ruth Poniarski

Author-Artist - self employed

Graduated with professional degree in architecture in 1981 from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. In 1977, I innocently ingested angel dust baked in brownie cake at a college party and my life changed; experiencing death defying nervous breakdowns every six months to a year. In between episodes I worked in the male dominated construction field, traveled alone abroad, earned my degree, and had many acquaitance friends. In January of 1985, I found the right doctor and my life took a turn for the better. My breakdowns became more spaced apart and in 1988 I changed my career path to fine art painting. In 1999 I was prescribed an effective anti-psychotic medication and since 2010 I have been 'break free'. My memoir "Journey of the Self-Memoir of an Artist" was published in 2020.

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