Bold Moves: Heather's Journey from Security to Dream Pursuit
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Bold Moves: Heather's Journey from Security to Dream Pursuit

Discover the transformative power of meditation apps as Heather shares her journey to wellness through self-care, exercise, and embracing her true self, while G-Rex & Dirty Skittles explore the interplay of mental and physical health on ”Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads.”

Dive into a heartfelt conversation with Heather as she shares her battle against personal insecurities and depression. Discover how meditation apps and self-care rituals reshaped her life and business. Join G-Rex and Dirty Skittles as they explore the intertwining of mental and physical health, setting boundaries for a healthier mind, and embracing self-love in the face of adversities. Don't miss Heather's pro tips from her self-help toolbox!

Lessons Learned:
- Embracing self-love transforms insecurities into strengths.
- Flexibility and humor are vital when facing business setbacks.
- Setting boundaries improves mental health and happiness.
- Persistence and exploring self-help strategies bring fulfillment.
- Meditation apps are a vital tool in holistic self-care.

Key Insights:
- "Hypnocloud" and meditation apps improve self-care.
- Daily exercises and intentions help manage depression.
- Overcoming people-pleasing is crucial for mental health.
- Trial and error lead to personal growth.
- Sharing struggles fosters community and understanding.

More About Heather:
- Heather Grace empowers women through skincare and self-care.
- Her journey, inspired by being bullied for her freckled skin, led to her skincare brand.
- The brand focuses on highlighting and rejuvenating skin, emphasizing true beauty from within.
- The products cater to diverse ages and skin types, blending nature and science.
- Heather Grace Skin Care represents confidence, vitality, and celebrating natural beauty.
- The brand cultivates a community encouraging women to feel good inside and out.


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