Jesston's Path: Trauma, Purpose & Service
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Jesston's Path: Trauma, Purpose & Service

Join Jesston in a powerful episode as he details his journey from trauma to triumph, exploring the role of meditation in healing and growth. Discover his impactful community service, including renewable energy projects in Africa.

In this transformative episode, join Jesston as he shares his compelling journey from trauma to triumph. Discover how he overcame deep-rooted challenges through meditation and spiritual growth and how these experiences fueled his passion for helping others. Jesston'sstory is about personal healing and making a significant impact through community service, emphasizing renewable energy projects in Africa and his ongoing efforts to support people experiencing homelessness.

- transition from trauma to finding his purpose
- The role of meditation and spiritual practices in personal growth
- Insights into community service initiatives, including his work with renewable energy in Africa

Find out More About Jesston:

**Current Role:** Executive Director of Tangelic, focusing on strategic goals and statewide poverty alleviation plans.
**Collaboration:** Works with non-profits to enhance community resources for oppressed and marginalized individuals.
**Podcast Hosting:** Leads The Hidden Gateway Podcast, promoting self-knowledge and spiritual insights.
**Authorship:** Wrote "In the Eye of the Father: A Memoir of Faith and Redemption," sharing personal experiences that shaped his path to teaching and healing.
**Core Belief:** Advocates for personal transformation to overcome limitations and effect change in the world.

Podcast - The Hidden Gateway 

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**Tune in to hear a powerful narrative of resilience, purpose, and the drive to make a difference in the world.**

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